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Commentaries for Mark Chapter 12

The parable of the vineyard and husbandmen.

Christ showed in parables, that he would lay aside the Jewish church...
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Question about tribute.

The enemies of Christ would be thought desirous to know their duty, when really they hoped that which soever side he took of the question, they might find occasion to accuse him...
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Concerning the resurrection.

A right knowledge of the Scripture, as the fountain whence all revealed religion now flows, and the foundation on which it is built, is the best preservative against error...
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The great command of the law.

Those who sincerely desire to be taught their duty, Christ will guide in judgment, and teach his way...
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Christ the Son and yet the Lord of David.

When we attend to what the Scriptures declare, as to the person and offices of Christ, we shall be led to confess him as our Lord and God; to obey him as our exalted Redeemer...
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The poor widow commended.

Let us not forget that Jesus still sees the treasury...
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