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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 5

Christ's sermon on the mount.

None will find happiness in this world or the next, who do not seek it from Christ by the rule of his word...
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Who are blessed.

Our Saviour here gives eight characters of blessed people, which represent to us the principal graces of a Christian...
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Exhortations and warnings.

Ye are the salt of the earth...
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Christ came to confirm the law.

Let none suppose that Christ allows his people to trifle with any commands of God's holy law...
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The sixth commandment.

The Jewish teachers had taught, that nothing except actual murder was forbidden by the sixth commandment...
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The seventh commandment.

Victory over the desires of the heart, must be attended with painful exertions...
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The third commandment.

There is no reason to consider that solemn oaths in a court of justice, or on other proper occasions, are wrong, provided they are taken with due reverence...
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The law of retaliation.

The plain instruction is, Suffer any injury that can be borne, for the sake of peace, committing your concerns to the Lord's keeping...
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The law of love explained.

The Jewish teachers by to neighbour to understood only those who were of their own country, nation, and religion, whom they were pleased to look upon as their friends...
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