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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 7

Christ reproves rash judgment.

We must judge ourselves, and judge of our own acts, but not make our word a law to everybody...
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Encouragements to prayer.

Prayer is the appointed means for obtaining what we need...
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The broad and narrow way.

Christ came to teach us, not only what we are to know and believe, but what we are to do; not only toward God, but toward men; not only toward those of our party and persuasion, but toward men in general, all with whom we have to do...
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Against false prophets.

Nothing so much prevents men from entering the strait gate, and becoming true followers of Christ, as the carnal, soothing, flattering doctrines of those who oppose the truth...
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To be doers of the word, not hearers only.

Christ here shows that it will not be enough to own him for our Master, only in word and tongue...
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