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Commentaries for Luke Chapter 1

Preface: An Invitation to Be Reassured

Things are not always as they seem...
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Infancy Narrative

How does one extract theology from a narrative? The infancy material in Luke 1:5--2:52 is an example of a narrative text that is full of theology...
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Announcing the Forerunner, John the Baptist

The announcement of John the Baptist's birth signals God's renewed activity on behalf of his people in light of promises made long ago...
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The Announcement of the Birth of Jesus to Mary

It often is said that good things come in small packages...
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Mary's Meeting with Elizabeth

In terms of Luke's plot, this meeting expands Luke's characterization and serves as a crucial pivot in the infancy narrative...
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Mary's Hymn of Praise: Magnificat

Mary's hymn is one of three major hymnic pieces in the infancy material (the others are known as the Benedictus, Lk 1:67-79, and Nunc Dimittis, Lk 2:28-32)...
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The Birth and Naming of John

With the birth of John, God continues to fulfill what he promised in Luke 1:5-25...
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Zechariah's Hymn: Benedictus

This hymn surveys God's plan through the forerunner and the anointed Davidic heir...
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