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Commentaries for 1 Kings Chapter 2

David's dying charge to Solomon.

David's charge to Solomon is, to keep the charge of the Lord...
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David's charge as to Joab and others.

These dying counsels concerning Joab and Shimei, did not come from personal anger, but for the security of Solomon's throne, which was the murders he had committed, but would readily repeat them to carry any purpose; though long reprieved, he shall be reckoned with at last...
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Solomon reigns, Adonijah aspiring to the throne is put to death.

Solomon received Bathsheba with all the respect that was owing to a mother; but let none be asked for that which they ought not to grant...
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Abiathar banished, Joab put to death.

Solomon's words to Abiathar, and his silence, imply that some recent conspiracies had been entered into...
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Shimei is put to death.

The old malignity remains in the unconverted heart, and a watchful eye should be kept on those who, like Shimei, have manifested their enmity, but have given no evidence of repentance...
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