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Commentaries for Judges Chapter 16

Samson's escape from Gaza.

Hitherto Samson's character has appeared glorious, though uncommon...
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Samson enticed to declare his strength lay.

Samson had been more than once brought into mischief and danger by the love of women, yet he would not take warning, but is again taken in the same snare, and this third time is fatal...
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The Philistines take Samson, and put out his eyes.

See the fatal effects of false security...
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Samson's strength is renewed.

Samson's afflictions were the means of bringing him to deep repentance...
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He destroys many of the Philistines.

Nothing fills up the sins of any person or people faster than mocking and misusing the servants of God, even thought it is by their own folly that they are brought low...
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