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Commentaries for Revelation Chapter 9

The Fifth Trumpet, or First Woe

Back in the 1970s, my wife and I and our two boys lived for a few montes at an ecumenical study center outside Jerusalem...
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The Opening of the Abyss

In John's vision of the fifth trumpet in Revelation, the power and promise given to Jesus' disciples in the Gospel of Luke is turned upside down...
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The Locusts and Their King

Visitors to a recent exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston viewed huge models of a number of common garden insects, enlarged hundreds of times over...
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The Sixth Trumpet, or Second Woe

The sixth trumpet, like the sixth seal (6:12--7:17), is much longer than the other members of the series...
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The Opening from the East

The judgment proper falls into the same two parts as the judgment just described under the fifth trumpet: (1) an opening or a "release" of demonic invaders against the earth and its inhabitants (vv...
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Description of the Horses

John's account of the origin of the invaders is followed by a vivid description of them (just as for the locusts)...
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The Response to the Invasion

For the first time, John gives full attention to the human response to these divine judgments...
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