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Controlling What We Say

Years ago I visited a college friend at his home...
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The General Theme: Humility

With his now familiar and kind address my brothers, James begins with a specific instruction that not many should become teachers...
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The Focused Theme: Decisive Influence of the Tongue

Now James applies the broad theme of humility to the specific theme of the tongue...
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The Specific Dangers of the Tongue

However, James's predominant emphasis in the passage is more negative: warning that judgment is real and that we all stumble, intending that we should humbly repent of our impure speech...
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Spirituality from God

One of the saddest phone calls I have ever received came from an elder at another church; he barely knew me but was searching for help...
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Who Is Wise Among You?

When James invites people who are (supposedly) wise and understanding to step forward and identify themselves, he is returning more explicitly to the topic of "teachers" addressed in 3:1...
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