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Favoritism Contradicts Faith

As James states the basic instruction of this paragraph in 2:1, the imperative is, literally, "Do not have [or hold] the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ...
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The Integrity of Faith

I remember my son asking, "Why do you let him do that when you don't allow me to do this?" It is one of the more humbling experiences of parenthood to be caught in an inconsistent treatment of one's children...
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Favoritism Breaks the Law That People of Faith Follow

This passage about breaking the law does not include the word faith, but the central violation of the law on James's mind is still the sin of favoritism (2:9)...
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Faith and Deeds: The Theological Unity

As an InterVarsity area director and now as a pastor, I have often been asked to fill out recommendation forms for people who are candidates for positions with various Christian ministries...
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James's Central Concern: Faith That Works

The works James requires are not done apart from faith but done in faith, not done instead of faith but done because of faith...
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Three Examples

James now supplies a series of three examples to confirm the necessity of submission to the lordship of Christ in any saving faith...
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