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"Cynthia's a lemming" is a phrase I heard for the first time at a faculty prayer meeting in a Taiwan seminary...
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Timothy's Standing Order: Stay and Fight

When it comes to heresy or even misguided enthusiasm in the church, it is fairly obvious that history repeats itself...
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Opposing False Teachers

The responsibility of opposing error in the church falls mainly to Christian leaders...
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The False Teachers

As Paul's analysis of the situation continues, he uses language that expresses regret and irony to describe these disguised "wolves...
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The Law

Placed in the position of this church, we might well have wondered about the purpose of the Old Testament law...
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The Authorized Doctrine

In contrast to the erroneous doctrine taught by the false teachers stands the approved doctrine of the church...
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The Testimony of a Faithful Teacher

After mentioning his reception of the gospel, Paul continues in verses 12-17 to reminisce about his calling out of sin into Christ's service...
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Timothy, Fight the Good Fight

Before moving on to instructions to the whole church, Paul returns to underline Timothy's standing orders concerning the heretics...
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