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Commentaries for 1 Timothy Chapter 6

Instructions Concerning Slaves

Somewhere inside most of us is the desire to be free...
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Final Orders to Timothy

How quickly and completely credibility disappears when Christian leaders are found to have financial motives! The temptation of financial profit may characterize false teachers, but it also poses a threat to unwary believers, particularly if they are financially well-to-do and in positions of leadership...
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Opposing False Teachers

The Christian leader must not forget the responsibility to protect the faith...
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The Christian View of Money

It is clear from the transition at verse 6 that Paul has intended all along to teach a Christian view of money...
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Greed: A Love That Consumes

But the reverse is also true...
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Timothy: Man of God

God has placed an incredible weight of responsibility onto the Christian leader's shoulders...
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Instructions Concerning the Wealthy

Never has the disparity in the distribution of wealth in the world been so evident as in modern times...
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Final Charge to Timothy

At the close of the letter, Paul summarizes his instructions to Timothy in this personal appeal (which begins, literally, "O Timothy")...
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