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Judgment on the Temple and the World

Jesus pronounces woes against religious leaders of his day (23:13-32) and then hints about judgment against the temple, the ultimate symbol of the religious establishment's power (23:38; compare 21:13)...
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The Temple's Destruction

In much of Matthew 24, Jesus is warning followers who, like Peter, want an optimistic promise of the future (16:21-23) that realism is more important...
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Not Yet the End

Many modern readers have felt uncomfortable with the picture of Jesus as an end-time prophet...
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The Tribulation in History

Various New Testament passages seem to have reapplied Daniel's image of tribulation in different ways; but all agree in warning Christians to be vigilant when they face such testing...
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Jesus' Return

Compare Mark 13:24-27; Luke 21:25-28...
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Parables of the Future Kingdom

In Matthew 13 Jesus used seven or eight parables to illustrate how God's kingdom could be present in a hidden way until the day of judgment...
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Neither the Day Nor the Hour

Many popular prophecy teachers have created an end-time scenario very different from, and far more complex than, the one taught by Jesus...
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Christ's Servants Judged

After Jesus exhorts the disciples to "keep watch," to stay awake, he illustrates what he means...
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