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Jesus continues to face conflicts with the establishment and misunderstanding among his disciples, but especially once he arrives in Jerusalem, the conflicts with the municipal aristocracy-the local religious and political establishment backed by the Roman Empire-grow more intense...
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Inverting the World's Values

Jesus' male contemporaries valued the great and powerful; Jesus summoned status-seeking men to love their wives and children...
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Grounds for Divorce in God's Law

The hardhearted person who cannot forgive or live in proper relation to others in Christ's body (18:1-35) will also despise weaker people in society-in Jesus' day, these included wives (19:1-12; compare Mal 2:14-16) and children (Mt 19:13-15)...
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The Kingdom Belongs to Children

Jesus here reiterates his teaching in 18:1-6, which his disciples have apparently forgotten (compare again 21:15)...
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The Cost of Discipleship

If the kingdom belongs to children (19:13-15)-those who receive the kingdom as humble dependents (18:1-6)-then someone accustomed to being powerful and supporting dependents might find it difficult to enter the kingdom (compare 5:20; 7:14; 18:8; 25:46)...
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Sacrifice and Reward

Jesus had promised a man treasure in heaven if he followed him (v...
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Reversal of Fortunes

The parable in 20:1-16 explicitly illustrates the point that the first will be last and the last ...
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