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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 12

Increasing Conflicts

Matthew's plot, like that of the other Gospels, focuses on conflict...
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Conflicting Approaches to the Bible

Matthew writes to disciples who believe their principles of biblical interpretation differ radically from those of the Pharisees (5:20; 9:13), and he has a crucial hermeneutical point to make in this narrative (12:7)...
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The Spirit-Anointed Humble Servant

Rather than contending with the Pharisees further, Jesus withdrew (v...
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Which of Us Is for the Devil?

Convinced that Jesus is not God's agent and annoyed by the popular response to him (v...
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Jesus' True Family

If you have ever felt like the whole world was against you, you can at least empathize with some of the pain of Jesus' calling: not only the religious leaders (vv...
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