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Greater Than a Prophet (11:1-19) John was greater than earlier prophets (11:9), for he proclaimed a fuller message (11:10; 13:17)...
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The Questions of a Man of God

Many scholars believe that the material in verses 1-15 has a good claim to historical reliability (see Davies and Allison 1991:244; Witherington 1990:42-43, 165; E...
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Receiving Prophets

Those who received Jesus' prophets received him (10:41); most of Israel had accepted neither John the prophet nor Jesus (11:16-19) and hence invited greater judgment than wicked cities that had heard less of God's message (11:20-24)...
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Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

With a sharp parable Jesus pronounces judgment on his generation, which has rejected something greater than the Law and Prophets rejected by many of their ancestors (compare 12:39, 41, 42, 45; 23:29-36)...
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Judgment and Rest

Whereas Jesus pronounces judgment on the arrogant and self-satisfied, including those who thought they had some greater claim on Jesus than others (11:20-24), he embraces the meek, the broken and the little ones, for they are most like him...
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Judgment on Unrepentant Cities

Jesus cries out laments against the Jewish cities most exposed to his miracles; none are known to have been particularly hostile to Jesus, but their reception was not close to commensurate with their opportunity...
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Rest for the Little Ones

Just as Israel was wrongly secure in its status before God vis-a-vis the Gentiles (vv...
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