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Genesis 37 - Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible

Joseph's dreams.

God gave Joseph betimes the prospect of his advancement, to support and comfort him under his long and grievous troubles. Observe, Joseph dreamed of his preferment, but he did not dream of his imprisonment. Thus many young people, when setting out in the world, think of nothing but prosperity and pleasure, and never dream of trouble. His brethren rightly interpreted the dream, though they abhorred the interpretation of it. While they committed crimes in order to defeat it, they were

themselves the instruments of accomplishing it. Thus the Jews understood what Christ said of his kingdom. Determined that he should not reign over them, they consulted to put him to death; and by his crucifixion, made way for the exaltation they designed to prevent. (Ge 37:12-22)

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Joseph is loved of Jacob, but hated by his brethren.

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Jacob sends Joseph to visit his brethren, They conspire his death.

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