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Opposition Within Israel

Even in Jewish Palestine, persecution would be so intense that disciples would have no secure refuge until Jesus' return. Persecution would cause disciples to flee (compare 2:13; Acts 14:5-6; 17:14) from one city to another (Mt 10:23; 23:34); this persecution in Israel would not subside fully until the Son of Man's return. Their missionary task and its attendant persecution would not be completed until Jesus' return (KGmmel 1957:61-62); in the end, however, Israel would repent (Mt 23:39), just as the prophets had spoken (for example, Deut 4:30; Jer 31:33; Ezek 37:23; Hos 2:14-23; 11:5-11; 14:1-7; Mal 4:6).

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