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Divided Families

! Jesus promises opposition so severe that it will divide even families. The hatred of all (v. 22; Mk 13:12; compare "all nations," Mt 24:9) on account of Jesus' name (5:11-12; Jn 15:19-21) will extend even to those in closest relation to us. The gospel is offensive to those who reject its demands or whose culture or tradition it challenges. Although Judaism considered betrayal to Gentiles a heinous act (m. Terumot 8:12), even family members would now betray one another to death (Mt 10:21; compare 10:35; 24:9; Mk 13:9, 12; Lk 21:12, 16). In a culture dominated by honor and shame, in which the opinion of family members was paramount, such a threat demanded an incomparably high allegiance to Christ (Mt 10:37-39).

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