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Galilean Ministry: The Revelation of Jesus

Luke introduces the actual activity of Jesus' ministry in this third major section of his Gospel. It is likely that the events of this account follow the events of the Judean ministry that only John records (Carson 1984:116). The section highlights Jesus' activity and includes two major discourses by Jesus. One discourse shows how Jesus presents himself as the fulfillment of God's promises (4:16-30), while the other reveals his ethical teaching (6:20-49). Miracles dominate the section. Luke focuses on who Jesus is in terms of his ministry's aims and the extent of his authority. Jesus and his power gradually awaken faith within the disciples.

Not all the section's news is positive. The contrast between Jesus' power and the growing rejection of him is the major tension in the story. This conflict is at the center of the plot of Luke's Gospel: Jesus has great power, but many still reject him. Blindness is a strange phenomenon; sin yields a potent darkness. Both together mean that people often miss what God is doing. Nonetheless, be assured that God is with Jesus and will fulfill the promises made to and through Jesus.

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