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Commentaries for 1 Peter Chapter 1

The duties of wives and husbands.

This epistle is addressed to believers in general, who are strangers in every city or country where they live, and are scattered through the nations...
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Christians exhorted to agree.

Jesus Christ was the main subject of the prophets' studies...
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And encouraged to patience under persecutions for righteousness' sake, considering that Christ suffered patiently.

As the traveller, the racer, the warrior, and the labourer, gathered in their long and loose garments, that they might be ready in their business, so let Christians do by their minds and affections...
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The consideration of Christ's sufferings is urged for purity and holiness.

Holy confidence in God as a Father, and awful fear of him as a Judge, agree together; and to regard God always as a Judge, makes him dear to us as a Father...
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