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Commentaries for Romans Chapter 5

The happy effects of justification through faith in the righteousness of Christ.

A blessed change takes place in the sinner's state, when he becomes a true believer, whatever he has been...
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That we are reconciled by his blood.

Christ died for sinners; not only such as were useless, but such as were guilty and hateful; such that their everlasting destruction would be to the glory of God's justice...
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The fall of Adam brought all mankind into sin and death.

The design of what follows is plain...
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The grace of God, through the righteousness of Christ, has more power to bring salvation, than Adam's sin had to bring misery,

Through one man's offence, all mankind are exposed to eternal condemnation...
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As grace did superabound.

By Christ and his righteousness, we have more and greater privileges than we lost by the offence of Adam...
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