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Commentaries for Exodus Chapter 20

The preface to the ten commandments.

God speaks many ways to the children of men; by conscience, by providences, by his voice, to all which we ought carefully to attend; but he never spake at any time so as he spake the TEN COMMANDMENTS...
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The commandments of the first table.

The first four of the ten commandments, commonly called the FIRST table, tell our duty to God...
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Of the second table.

The laws of the SECOND table, that is, the last six of the ten commandments, state our duty to ourselves and to one another, and explain the great commandment, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, Lu 10:27...
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The fear of the people.

This law, which is so extensive that we cannot measure it, so spiritual that we cannot evade it, and so reasonable that we cannot find fault with it, will be the rule of the future judgment of God, as it is for the present conduct of man...
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Idolatry again forbidden.

Moses having entered into the thick darkness, God there spake in his hearing all that follows from hence to the end of chap...
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