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Commentaries for Genesis Chapter 12

God calls Abram, and blesses him with a promise of Christ.

God made choice of Abram, and singled him out from among his fellow-idolaters, that he might reserve a people for himself, among whom his true worship might be maintained till the coming of Christ...
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Abram departs from Haran.

Abram believed that the blessing of the Almighty would make up for all he could lose or leave behind, supply all his wants, and answer and exceed all his desires; and he knew that nothing but misery would follow disobedience...
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He journeys through Canaan, and worships God in that land.

Abram found the country peopled by Canaanites, who were bad neighbours...
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Abram is driven by a famine into Egypt, He feigns his wife to be his sister.

There is no state on earth free from trials, nor any character free from blemishes...
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