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One language in the world, The building of Babel.

How soon men forget the most tremendous judgments, and go back to their former crimes! Though the desolations of the deluge were before their eyes, though they sprang from the stock of righteous Noah, yet even during his life-time, wickedness increases exceedingly...
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The confusion of tongues, The builders of Babel dispersed.

Here is an expression after the manner of men; The Lord came down to see the city...
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The descendants of Shem.

Here is a genealogy, or list of names, ending in Abram, the friend of God, and thus leading towards Christ, the promised Seed, who was the son of Abram...
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Terah, father of Abram, grandfather of Lot, they remove to Haran.

Here begins the story of Abram, whose name is famous in both Testaments...
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