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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 4

God's Son Passes the Test

Scholars' interpretations of the temptation narrative broadly fall into three primary categories (Theissen 1991:218-19): (1) Jesus' testing recalls that of Israel in the wilderness; whatever God commanded Israel his child in the wilderness, much more he would require of his Son the Messiah...
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Moving to a Bigger Town

John's imprisonment-which foreshadows Jesus' own suffering-becomes the signal for Jesus to begin public ministry (4:12; compare Jn 3:23-30)...
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Abandoning All for the Kingdom

Once God had commissioned Jesus (3:17), the devil had tested him (4:3-11), the forerunner had completed his mission (4:12) and Jesus had settled in Capernaum (4:12-16), he was ready to begin his public ministry (from that time on, 4:17)...
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Jesus Demonstrates God's Reign with Power

No less a historian than E...
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