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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 21

Jerusalem's King Enters Its Gates

Despite the prevalence of skepticism in our culture, there is little reason to question the substance of this account...
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Judgment on the Temple Establishment

The Gospel has been building toward a confrontation between Jesus and the leaders in Jerusalem...
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Jesus Debates Jerusalem's Leaders

Because of the flow of context, it is not clear whether the first passage of this unit (21:17-22) belongs in this section or the preceding one, if Matthew himself would have made such a distinction...
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Faith to Accomplish the Impossible

Here Jesus provides an acted parable for his disciples, symbolizing another prophetic act of judgment...
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The Source of Jesus' Authority

The reader who has witnessed in the text of Matthew miracles such as the cursing of the fig tree understands that Jesus' authority is from God (vv...
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Pretend Obedience Versus Delayed Obedience

The three parables in 21:28-22:14 together respond to the Jewish leaders, critiquing them harshly (compare van Tilborg 1972:47-52)...
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The Murderous Tenants

As one expects from Jesus' rural parables, this one is true to life...
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The Cowardly Politicians

This character of Jesus' opponents fits their later actions...
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