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Asbury Bible Commentary – 5. Zophar (20:1–29)
5. Zophar (20:1–29)
5. Zophar (20:1-29)

Zophar explodes with his response. He moves immediately into his invective against the wicked. He observes that any prosperity enjoyed by the wicked is only momentary (vv. 4-11). Using the metaphor of sweet food that proves to be poisonous, he asserts that evil, while attractive, is deadly, having a built-in retribution (vv. 12-22). Finally, in cataloging the woes of the wicked (vv. 23-29), he cites several of the calamities Job has experienced. By paralleling Job's experience with the wicked, he clearly groups Job with them. At no point in this speech does Zophar hint that the wicked could repent and make amends.