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Asbury Bible Commentary – B. The “Timing” of the Lord's Coming (3:8–10)
B. The “Timing” of the Lord's Coming (3:8–10)

The Lord will keep his word, however, on his own terms. God's work is not calculated by the clock; he does not work in ways that are predictable in terms of hours and minutes (hence the folly of every attempt to predict the time).

Rather, God's work is calculated according to his purposes for his people and the world. The Lord is not slow, nor has he forgotten the promise of his return. In fact, the Lord is exercising mercy and patience. What seems like a delay must be understood as grace and love. The Lord continues to give time and opportunity to people because he does not want anyone to perish. He wants everyone to repent and to accept saving grace.

God's Word is sure, but God's Word is redemptive in its purpose. The socalled delay in the second coming of Christ is God's continuing gift of time and opportunity so that as many as possible may be reached for the kingdom.