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Asbury Bible Commentary – D. Third Cycle of Speeches (22:1–27:23)
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D. Third Cycle of Speeches (22:1–27:23)

The definite interchange of speeches found in cycles 1 and 2 is missing here. While Eliphaz has his turn (ch. 22), Bildad's presentation (ch. 25) is short and perhaps abbreviated. Zophar has no assigned speech in this cycle. Further complicating the issues is the material assigned to Job (chs. 23, 24, 26, 27). Job now seems to agree with his antagonists. He may be quoting his opponents.

In this final cycle the comforters openly accuse Job of wickedness, ascribing to him deeds that even the author denies. Clearly the comforters' theological assumptions are more important than their friendship with Job. Job is expendable. Position is more important than a person.