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Asbury Bible Commentary – IV. Summary of Ezekiel's Teachings
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IV. Summary of Ezekiel's Teachings

IV. Summary of Ezekiel's Teachings

1. Yahweh is a God of transcendent glory—ch. 1 et al.

2. Israel's greatest sin is idolatry—chs. 8, 14, 16, 23, et al.

3. The doctrine of individual responsibility for sin and the nontransference of merit—ch. 18; 33:10-20.

4. The true prophet is the watchman of his people—33:1-9

5. Judah's worst enemies are within her, her leaders—34:1-19

6. Israel's hope lies in the promise of the new heart and new spirit—36:22-32; 37:24ff.

7. The new temple will have an influence that will flow out to the whole world—47:1-12.

8. God's sovereignty and judgment are not limited to Israel but extend to all nations of the world—chs. 25-32, 38-39.

9. Judah ultimately will be restored—ch. 37.

10. Ezekiel used spoken parables to convey his message: eagles and the vine (17:1-10); Oholah and Oholibah (ch. 23); the cooking pot (24:1-14); Gog and Magog (chs. 38-39).

11. Ezekiel used many acted parables to demonstrate his message: map on brick (4:1-3); lying on left and right sides (4:4-8); rationing of food (4:9-17); shaving of hair of his head (5:1-12); no mourning at the death of his wife (24:15-24); inability to speak (3:24-27; 24:27; 33:22).