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Asbury Bible Commentary – V. Second Prayer (5:23–24)
V. Second Prayer (5:23–24)

God's full purpose of salvation may be described as peace. This peace is the wholeness and completeness of the individual centred on God. It contrasts with the disorder, disintegration, and chaos that characterizes all of humanity's relationships since the Fall. Peace and sanctification are intimately connected (see McCown, 30).

Persons who are sanctified through and through (v. 23) live lives with every aspect conforming to God's purposes of salvation. “Wholly” (KJV), according to Wesley, “signifies wholly and perfectly; every part and all that concerns you; all that is of or about you” (p. 763).

Here again, Paul implies a tension between the present reality of the believer's sanctification and its future consummation. But, as McCown observes, “the petition is for the consummation of God's saving work in the life of the believer” (p. 30).

Christians cannot present themselves blameless (v. 24). God's call to sanctification is based on his faithfulness to accomplish it. He will bring his purposes to pass in those who have responded to his call and who follow him.