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Asbury Bible Commentary – II. Regulations for the Sacrifices (1:3–7:38)
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II. Regulations for the Sacrifices (1:3–7:38)

This section contains regulations for the various types of sacrifices that the Israelites were to make. For background on the history and development of the text in this and following sections of Leviticus, the reader should consult the appropriate commentaries and dictionaries.

In 1:3 through 6:7 regulations for five types of offerings are given. An appendix follows in 6:8 through 7:38 that presents further instructions for the various sacrifices. The listing of regulations for each of the offerings is introduced by the authoritative words, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Say to the Israelites’” (cf. 1:1-2; 4:1-2; 5:14; 6:1, 8-9, 24-25; 7:22-23, 28-29). A brief explanation of the instructions for the five offerings and of major items in the appendix will provide the background for an explanation of the major theological themes in these sections.