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Asbury Bible Commentary – IV. Outline
IV. Outline

IV. Outline

This epistle is well structured and orderly. It begins in ch. 1 with a series of seven biblical quotes presented in chained fashion. This catena leads to the first of six principal biblical passages around which the entire sermon is arranged.G. B. Caird, “Exegetical Method,” was first to suggest the structure of the epistle through ch. 10 as being based on four principal biblical passages. The present analysis is based on his observation. Each of the six passages occurs near the beginning of its respective section. Each is given an eschatological interpretation that manifests a tension between old and new, promise and fulfillment, present realities and future hope. The hortatory portions of this discourse fall mainly at the junctures of the respective sections, and the sermon closes with a final extended exhortation.

  1. Introduction: “My Son” (1:1-2:4)
  2. First Point: “You Crowned Him” (2:5-18)

OT Text Ps 8:4-6

  1. Second Point: “Today” (3:1-4:13)

OT Text Ps 95:7-11

  1. Third Point: “A Priest Forever” (4:14-7:28)

OT Text Ps 110:4

  1. Fourth Point: “A New Covenant” (8:1-10:31)

OT Text Jer 31:31-34

  1. Fifth Point: “By Faith” (10:32-12:2)

OT Text Hab 2:3-4

  1. Sixth Point: “Do Not Lose Heart” (12:3-13:19)

OT Text Pr 3:11-12

  1. Closing: “The God of Peace” (13:20-25)