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Asbury Bible Commentary – A. Opening Section (1:1–7)
A. Opening Section (1:1–7)

As in the opening section of ancient letters, Paul names himself as author and the Christians in Rome as the recipients. The usual Pauline greeting, Grace and peace, follows. In addition, Paul indicates the main point of the Gospel that he preaches and will expound in this epistle.

The Gospel is about the Son of God, Jesus Christ our Lord. In vv. 3-4 Paul uses two Greek parallel participles to describe him. These two phrases indicate the two stages Jesus went through to become the subject of the Gospel (Murray, 1:7). First, he became human by being born a descendant of David. Then he became the Spirit cf. 1Co 15:45; 2Co 3:17), who brings about holiness when, through his resurrection, he was declared to be the Son of God with power. (In Greek, with power can go with the Son of God.) During his incarnation, he was the Son of God in humiliation. After the resurrection, he is the Son of God with Power.

This Gospel is predicted in the OT. Paul has been appointed to proclaim this Gospel worldwide to bring about the obedience that comes from faith.