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Asbury Bible Commentary – O. Jotham and Ahaz Reign Over Judah (15:32–16:20)
O. Jotham and Ahaz Reign Over Judah (15:32–16:20)

With the long reign of Uzziah over, Jotham and then Ahaz ruled over Judah. Whereas Jotham walked obediently before the Lord, Ahaz was unlike David (v. 2). Both, however, shared at least one thing in common: trouble from the alliance between Israel and Syria. In the face of an escalating Assyrian threat, these otherwise notorious rivals combined forces. When Judah refused to join with them, Jerusalem was attacked. Although the attack proved unsuccessful, the conflict continued. Finally, Ahaz assured his safety, at least from the alliance, by purchasing Assyrian protection (vv. 7-9).