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Asbury Bible Commentary – G. Jehoram and Ahaziah Reign Over Judah (8:16–29)
G. Jehoram and Ahaziah Reign Over Judah (8:16–29)

While Joram was on the throne in Israel, two kings followed Jehoshaphat in the South. Jehoram and Ahaziah are swiftly dismissed by the editor because of their wicked deeds. One thing, though, is particularly noteworthy here. Rather than being “unlike David,” the typical descriptive phrase used for Judah's evil kings, Jehoram and Ahaziah walked in the ways of the kings of Israel (vv. 18, 27). Note, however, that both were related to Ahab through marriage! The evil of the North had infiltrated the South through such relationships. Nevertheless, because of David, Judah was once again spared (v. 19).