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Asbury Bible Commentary – A. His Confinement Has Advanced the Gospel (1:12–18)
A. His Confinement Has Advanced the Gospel (1:12–18)

What matters most to Paul is the advance of the gospel of God's saving work in Christ. The messenger is imprisoned, but the message is not. Indeed, his imprisonment for Christ has impacted the whole palace (Roman Praetorium). All know why he is there. This public awareness had the effect of encouraging other Christians to preach even more fearlessly. God often uses adversity to advance the good.

Paul reminds us in 1:15-18 that motives in preaching are not always noble. Some preach Christ only for selfish ambition, having the right message but the wrong motives. This is always a peril in the church. Paul's response to this (v. 18) was neither resigned nor naïve. He was magnanimous: Christ is preached.