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Asbury Bible Commentary – C. The Groom Sings of the Bride's Beauty (6:4–7:9a)
C. The Groom Sings of the Bride's Beauty (6:4–7:9a)

The king does not allow the bride's praise of his charm to go unrequited. He sings of her beauty, which surpasses even that of all the king's women. She is the choicest of all the virgins, “my perfect one” (6:8-9). There are others who enter the conversation at this point. They call for the maiden to return so that they can gaze on her beauty. The significant name of the maiden as the Shulammite, probably from the village of Shunem, gives the setting for the groom's song as he continues (7:1-9a). The most intimate chambers of married love are here described as the groom extols his bride's feet, legs, navel, waist, breasts, neck, eyes, nose, head, hair, breath, and mouth. This section should be seen of married bliss in all its candor and grace. The Jews would not condone any description of fornication.