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Asbury Bible Commentary – IV. Closing (16:13–24)
IV. Closing (16:13–24)

Paul brings this lengthy letter to a conclusion in his typical fashion. He repeats crucial concerns of the letter and bids his hearers farewell. The letter concludes with two groups of exhortations. Paul's five closing moral exhortations (vv. 13-14) recapitulate concerns expressed earlier in the letter. His second group of exhortations urges the Corinthians to recognize and submit to the leadership of Stephanas (cf. 1Th 5:12-14). Paul greets the Corinthians in behalf of Ephesian believers (v. 20a), particularly Aquila and Priscilla (v. 19), important early, Jewish-Christian leaders in Corinth, currently residing in Ephesus (Ac 18:1-3, 18, 24-26). Paul's compact parting personal remarks (vv. 20b-24) succinctly convey several significant messages.


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