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Asbury Bible Commentary – III. Attention To Problems (5:1–16:12)
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III. Attention To Problems (5:1–16:12)

Corinthian arrogance is manifested in paradoxical ways. They are at once reluctant to judge serious wrongdoers within the congregation (ch. 5) and anxious to take Christians guilty of petty grievances before pagan courts (6:1-8). Some visit prostitutes (vv. 9-20), while others consider marital intercourse a sin (7:1-40). Some are so strong as to disdain idols as nothing, others so weak as to have scruples about eating meat once offered to idols (chs. 8-10). They are zealous for some traditions and flaunt others; they celebrate the Lord's Supper, but not really (ch. 11). They are infatuated with spiritual gifts, yet they have no understanding of their purpose (chs. 12-14). They deny the future resurrection of the dead while practicing baptism in behalf of the dead (ch. 15). Not surprisingly, Paul urges them to mend their ways before his next visit (ch. 16).