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Asbury Bible Commentary – K. Amaziah Reigns Over Judah (14:1–22)
K. Amaziah Reigns Over Judah (14:1–22)

Brief mention is now made of Amaziah, who succeeded Joash as king of Judah. While he generally walked in the ways of Yahweh, it is interesting to note that, by degree, he disobeyed sufficiently to prevent a direct comparison with David (v. 3). In addition to executing those who had murdered his father Joash, Amaziah apparently exercised some control over Edom (v. 10) and sought a confrontation with Israel (v. 8). That confrontation, however, ended with Judah's defeat. Several years later, in a manner reminiscent of his father's death, Amaziah was himself assassinated by a group of conspirators (v. 19).