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All the Women of the Bible – Abital


Scripture References2 Samuel 3:4; 1 Chronicles 3:3

Name Meaning—Whose father is as dew

The historian took a mere seven words to tell us all there is to know about this colorless female character. Born in Hebron, she was one of David’s many wives. In his most profitable study, Personal Names in the Bible, W. F. Wilkinson reminds us that in the figurative language of Scripture poetry, “Dew often represents blessing, beneficence, refreshment, consolation; and in this sense it may be understood in such a name. Or its significance, when thus used, may be found in the early appearance and rapid evanescence of dew (Hosea 6:4; 13:3); and so it may intimate the death of a young husband, perhaps the birth of a child.” Perhaps the name Abital was chosen by the parents to whom her birth came as a blessing, as a source of consolation.