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BERACHAH » A valley in the south of the territory of the tribe of Judah, where the Israelites blessed the Lord for a victory (2 Chronicles 20:26)
EPHRAIM » Second son of Joseph » Blessed before Manasseh; prophecies concerning (Genesis 48:14-20)
JESUS, THE CHRIST » HISTORY OF » Discussions with the religious experts in the temple area (in Jerusalem) (Luke 2:41-52)
JESUS, THE CHRIST » NAMES, APPELLATIONS, AND TITLES OF » Blessed and only Potentate (1 Timothy 6:15)
JESUS, THE CHRIST » NAMES, APPELLATIONS, AND TITLES OF » Christ, Son of the Blessed (Mark 14:61)
JESUS, THE CHRIST » NAMES, APPELLATIONS, AND TITLES OF » God blessed forever (Romans 9:5)
JESUS, THE CHRIST » NAMES, APPELLATIONS, AND TITLES OF » Son of the Blessed One (God) (Mark 14:61)
MARY » The mother of Jesus » Attends the feast at Jerusalem with her husband and her son, starts back on the return, misses Jesus, seeks and finds him in the temple area (Luke 2:48-51)
PAUL » Enters the temple courtyard; the people are stirred up against him by some Jews from Asia; an uproar is created; he is thrust out of the temple area; the commander of the Roman garrison intervenes and arrests him (Acts 21:26-33)
PRIEST » THE TIME OF MOSES » Chambers for, in the temple area (Ezekiel 40:45,46)
THESSALONICA » (A city of the Macedonia area)
MARS' HILL » (The same as Areopagus)
PAUL » Debates on Mars' Hill (at the meeting of the Areopagus Council) with Greeks (Acts 17:16-34)
REPENTANCE » INSTANCES OF » Achan, because of his theft (Joshua 7:20)
ANGER » INSTANCES OF » Simeon and Levi, on account of the humbling of their sister, Dinah (Genesis 49:5-7)
ANGER » INSTANCES OF » Ephraimites, toward Gideon, for not soliciting their help against the Midianites (Judges 8:1)
ASSURANCE » SAINTS PRIVILEGED TO HAVE » Their redemption (Job 19:25)
ASSURANCE » SAINTS PRIVILEGED TO HAVE » Their salvation (Isaiah 12:2)
ATAD » The place where the sons of Jacob mourned for their father (Genesis 50:10,11)
BEREAVEMENT » INSTANCES OF » The Egyptians, of their firstborn (Exodus 12:29-33)
BIGOTRY » INSTANCES OF » In their treatment of the young man who was born blind, whom Jesus restored to sight ( John 9:28,29,34)
CHIDING » Reuben chides his brothers for their treatment of Joseph (Genesis 42:22)
CHILDREN » GOOD » Their obedience to parents is well pleasing to God (Colossians 3:20)
CONDESCENSION OF GOD » Sends flesh to the Israelites in consequence of their murmuring (Exodus 16:12)
CONVICTION » INSTANCES OF » Adam and Eve, after their disobedience (Genesis 3:8-10)
CONVICTION » INSTANCES OF » The death of the ten spies and their being sentenced to wander for forty years (Numbers 14:39,40)
CONVICTION » INSTANCES OF » Their complaining against God and being bitten by fiery serpents (Numbers 21:7)
COVETOUSNESS » INSTANCES OF » In exacting usury from their brethren (Nehemiah 5:1-11)
DAN » TRIBE OF » Deborah rebukes, for their cowardice (Judges 5:17)
DECEPTION » INSTANCES OF » In representing to their father that Joseph had been destroyed by wild beasts (Genesis 37:29-35)
DECEPTION » INSTANCES OF » The Gibeonites, in misrepresenting their habitat (Joshua 9:3-15)
DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD » INSTANCES OF » Of priests, in not performing their functions after the due order (1 Chronicles 15:13)
DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD » INSTANCES OF » Of the blind men Jesus healed, and ordered them not to proclaim their healing (Matthew 9:30,31)
EDOMITES » Refuse to the Israelites passage through their country (Numbers 20:18-21)
ELDER » (Equivalent to the title senator, in present use) » Elders, with delegated powers, were authorized to act for their constituency (Deuteronomy 1:13,15)
EPHRAIM » A tribe of Israel » Their jealousy of Jephthah (Judges 12:1)
EZRA » A famous scribe and priest » Exhorts people to put away their heathen wives (Ezra 9;10:1-17)
FALSEHOOD » INSTANCES OF » Joseph's brothers, in deceiving their father into a belief that Joseph was killed by wild beasts (Genesis 37:29-35)
FALSEHOOD » INSTANCES OF » Samaritans, in their efforts to hinder the rebuilding of the temple at Jerusalem (Ezra 4)
FALSEHOOD » INSTANCES OF » Ananias and Sapphira falsely state that they had sold their land for a given sum (Acts 5:1-10)
FASTING » INSTANCES OF » On account of the captivity of the people, with prayer for their deliverance (Daniel 9:3)
GIBEON » A city of the Hivites » Made servants by the Israelites, when their sharp practice was discovered (Joshua 9:27)
GOD » HIS PRESERVING CARE EXEMPLIFIED » To the Israelites, in bringing about their deliverance from bondage (Exodus 1:9-12;2:23-25;3:7-9)
GOD » HIS PRESERVING CARE EXEMPLIFIED » in preserving their cattle from the plague of murrain, (Exodus 9:4-7)
HYPOCRISY » INSTANCES OF » Jacob's sons, in deceiving their father concerning Joseph (Genesis 37:29-35)
HYSSOP » The Israelites used, in sprinkling the blood of the paschal lamb upon the lintels of their doors (Exodus 12:22)
ISAIAH » PROPHECIES, REPROOFS, AND EXHORTATIONS OF » Reproves the people for their confidence in Egypt, and their contempt of God (Isaiah 30:1-17;31:1-6)
ISAIAH » PROPHECIES, REPROOFS, AND EXHORTATIONS OF » Reproves the Jews for their spiritual blindness and infidelity (Isaiah 42:18-25)
ISAIAH » PROPHECIES, REPROOFS, AND EXHORTATIONS OF » Comforts the Jewish community with promises, exposes the folly of idolatry, and their future deliverance from captivity by Cyrus (Isaiah 44;45:1-5;48:20)
ISAIAH » PROPHECIES, REPROOFS, AND EXHORTATIONS OF » Reproves the Jews for their idolatries and other wickedness (Isaiah 48)

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