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25 topical index results for “voice gifts”

AHAZIAH » King of Judah. Called AZARIAH and JEHOAHAZ » Gifts of, to the temple (2 Kings 12:18)
CHARACTER » OF SAINTS » Attentive to Christ's voice ( 1 John 10:3,4)
DAVID » King of Israel » Offers sacrifice, distributes gifts, and blesses the people (1 Samuel 6:17-19)
EARTHQUAKES » INSTANCES OF » When the Lord revealed himself to Elijah in the still small voice (1 Kings 19:11)
FEAR OF GOD » CONSPICUOUS INSTANCES OF THOSE WHO FEARED » The Jews, in obeying the voice of the Lord (Haggai 1:12)
INTEGRITY » INSTANCES OF » Priests, who received the offerings of gold and other gifts for the renewing of the temple under Ezra (Ezra 8:24-30)
ISRAEL » (Usually, in lists, the names of Levi and Joseph, » Gifts consecrated for the creation of the tabernacle (Exodus 35;36:1-7; Numbers 7)
JEHOSHAPHAT » King of Judah » Makes valuable gifts to the temple (2 Kings 12:18)
PETER » Prays for the reception of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:15-18)
PRAYER » MISCELLANY OF MINOR SUB-TOPICS » In a loud voice, satirized by Elijah (1 Kings 18:27)
PRUDENCE » INSTANCES OF » Avoiding suspicion in administering the gifts of the congregations (1 Corinthians 8:20)
SELF-DELUSION » Exhibited in thinking that » Gifts entitle us to go to heaven (Matthew 7:21,22)
SHEBA » Queen of, visits Solomon » Kings of, bring gifts to Solomon (Psalms 72:10)
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