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Daniel 2:21 [Full Chapter]
He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

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ACRE » The indefinite quantity of land a yoke of oxen could plow in a day, with the kinds of plows, and modes of plowing, used in the times referred to (1 Samuel 14:14; Isaiah 5:10)
BETH-SHEMESH » A priestly city of the tribe of Dan » In later times transferred to the tribe of Judah (2 Kings 14:11)
MICAH » One of the minor prophets » Denounces the idolatry of his times (Micah 1)
SEVEN » YEARS » Seven times, the period between the jubilees (Leviticus 25:8)
SEVEN » MISCELLANY OF SEVENS » The sprinkling of oil seven times (Leviticus 14:16)
SEVEN » MISCELLANY OF SEVENS » The Israelites surrounded Jericho seven times, and on the seventh day sounding seven trumpets (Joshua 6:4)
SEVEN » MISCELLANY OF SEVENS » Elisha's servant looked seven times for the appearance of rain (1 Kings 18:43)
SEVEN » MISCELLANY OF SEVENS » Naaman was required to wash in the Jordan River seven times (1 Kings 5:10)
SEVEN » MISCELLANY OF SEVENS » Silver was purified seven times (Psalms 12:6)
SEVEN » MISCELLANY OF SEVENS » Worshiping seven times a day (Psalms 119:164)
TABERNACLE » All males required to appear before, three times each year (Exodus 23:17)
TIME » Daniel's reckoning of time, and times, and half times (Daniel 7:25;12:7)

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