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I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, while the arms of Pharaoh fall useless to his sides. And when I put my sword in the hand of Babylon’s king and he brings it against the land of Egypt, Egypt will know that I am the Lord.
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CONVICTION » INSTANCES OF » Belshazzar, when he "saw the part of the hand that wrote," (Daniel 5:6)
SOLICITED » ANSWERED » The prophet of Israel, for the restoration of Jeroboam's withered hand (1 Kings 13:1-6)
JEHORAM » King of Judah » Murders his brothers to strengthen himself in his sovereignty (1 Chronicles 21:4,13)
JEROBOAM » First king of Israel after the revolt » Hand of, paralyzed (1 Kings 13:1-10)
MIRACLES » OF THE DISCIPLES OF JESUS » Shakes a viper off his hand and is unharmed (Acts 28:5)
MOSES » His rod miraculously turned into a serpent, and his hand was made leprous, and then restored (Exodus 4:1-9,28)
PRAISE » Of David » Celebrating his deliverance from the hand of Saul (2 Samuel 22)
RAPE » INSTANCES OF » Of Tamar by Amnon; avenged in the death of Amnon at the hand of Absalom, Tamar's brother (2 Samuel 13:6-29,32,33)
SHEMA » A man who stood at the right hand of Ezra when he read the law to the people (Nehemiah 8:4)

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