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[ Exhortación a las naciones, para que alaben a Dios ] [ Al músico principal; en Neginot. Salmo. Cántico. ] Dios tenga misericordia de nosotros, y nos bendiga; Haga resplandecer su rostro sobre nosotros; Selah
Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960)

Versión Reina-Valera 1960 © Sociedades Bíblicas en América Latina, 1960. Renovado © Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas, 1988.

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MUSIC » HIGGAION .(According to Gesenius, it signifies the murmuring tone of a harp, and hence that the music should be rendered in a plaintive manner.) .(Combined with "Selah," it may have been intended to indicate a pause in the vocal music while the instruments rendered an interlude.) (Psalms 19:14)
SELA » Also called SELAH