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ARBITRATION » INSTANCES OF » The two harlots in the presence of King Solomon (1 Kings 3:16-28)
BEAR » Two destroy the young men of Beth-el who mocked Elisha (2 Kings 2:24)
BEER-SHEBA » The most southern city of Palestine » Two sons of Samuel were judges at (2 Samuel 8:2)
BLASPHEMY » INSTANCES OF » Two disciples, Hymenaeus and Alexander, who were delivered to Satan, so that they could learn not to blaspheme (1 Timothy 1:20)
CONVICTION » INSTANCES OF » The death of the ten spies and their being sentenced to wander for forty years (Numbers 14:39,40)
DAVID » King of Israel » After living for one year and four months at Ziklag (1 Samuel 27:7)

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