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Adultères que vous êtes! ne savez-vous pas que l'amour du monde est inimitié contre Dieu? Celui donc qui veut être ami du monde se rend ennemi de Dieu.

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ABRAHAM » His questions about the destruction of the righteous and wicked in Sodom (Genesis 18:23-32)
AMORITES » Struck down by Chedorlaomer and rescued by Abraham (Genesis 14)
ARARAT » The ark of Noah came to rest in the mountains of (Genesis 8:4)
ASHTORETH » An idol of the Philistines, Zidonians, and Phenicians. Probably identical with queen of heaven (Jeremiah 7:18)
BETHABARA » John testifies to Christ's messiahship, and baptizes at ( 1 John 1:28)
CLEOPAS » A disciple to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection (Luke 24:18)

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