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Or, afin que vous sachiez que le Fils de l’homme a sur la terre le pouvoir de pardonner les péchés: Lève-toi, dit-il au paralytique, prends ton lit, et va dans ta maison.
Nouvelle Edition de Genève – NEG1979 (NEG1979)

Nouvelle Edition de Genève Copyright © 1979 by Société Biblique de Genève

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ABRAHAM » His questions about the destruction of the righteous and wicked in Sodom (Genesis 18:23-32)
ASHTORETH » An idol of the Philistines, Zidonians, and Phenicians. Probably identical with queen of heaven (Jeremiah 7:18)
MEMUCAN » One of the seven princes of Ahasuerus who counsels the king to divorce Queen Vashti (Esther 1:14-21)
PAUL » Refers the question of circumcision to the apostles and elders at Jerusalem (Acts 15:2,4)
PERSIA » Status of women in; queen sat on the throne with the king (Nehemiah 2:6)
SCRIBE (S) » They test Jesus with questions, bringing to Jesus a woman caught in the act of adultery ( John 8:3)
WOMEN » A Persian queen sat on a throne beside her king (Nehemiah 2:6)
FAITH » INSTANCES OF TRIAL OF » Of Philip, when questioned by Jesus as to how the multitude would be fed ( John 6:5,6)
JEHOIADA » A high priest » Overthrows Athaliah, the usurping queen of Judah, and establishes Jehoash upon the throne (2 Kings 11; 2 Chronicles 23)